English Grammar এর যাবতীয় সমাধান

♥Tips for learning English♥

:-) Point 1:.

Be clear about why you want to learn English. Do you want it for your job, to help you get a job to talk to English speakers, to help you study?

:-) Point 2:

Be clear about how good you want your English to be. How good do you want to be at speaking English, listening, reading, writing?

:-) Point 3:

If possible, take a language course. If you cannot, put/keep yourself in situations where you can use English.

:-) Point 4:

Look for opportunities to learn and use English. Speak English whenever you can. Listen to the radio and CDs in English, read and write in English.

:-) Point 5:

Write down new words and phrases in a notebook. Keep the notebook with you so you can look at it when you have free

:-) Point 6:

Practice, practice and practice. There is an expression in English. If you do not want to lose it/ something, use it. This is very true
when it comes to learning foreign

:-) Point 7:

Find a learning buddy, colleague or friend . Find someone who is interested to learn English with you. Speak with each other. Send each other messages (facebook,
mobile, email) in English or talk on the phone for a while in English.

:-) Point 8:

Learn a little, no problem, but continue it everyday . Make it a habit to learn English ten minutes each day. This is much better than learning for longer(for many
hours) once a week.

:-) Point 9:

Speak in English, think in English,
and dream in English.

:-) And the final point:

At the beginning of a learning period, ask yourself, "What do I want to learn today?" At the end of a day, ask yourself, "What have I learnt today?" When you want to learn English, you need to have two things : practice and confidence.

Thank you!

:-) :-) All the best! :-) :-)