Elegance of Poetry and Quotes

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1 no pornaghapic images or pornaghapic videos allowed.
youtube videos are fine

2 links are allowed for youtube,poetry sites, your own work and promotion of your book
as well pages and groups on FB

3 no sexually harssement of members or you will be banned from the group,also racist post will get you banned from the group

4 any Erotic pieces must be in good taste without vulgar due to our younger audience in our group

5 hate poems,racism,bullying,spamming,fake accounts will not be tolerated and removed and banned

6 stealing others work is called plagiarism and will get you banned from the group as well your name posted for those to block you since most of the writers and poets work here is copyrighted and is illegal to use without the owners permission or giving credit to that person that wrote it

7 no advertisement unless it deals with promoting your book other groups,links and other authors we dont promote stuff in this group for sale