Facebook Resell Shop (Alleghany County)

Facebook Resell Shop (Alleghany County)
https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlleghanyCountyFRS/ Sell your New, Used and Pre-Owned items to Local People
and Around The World on Facebook. Best Part is
you keep all your earning.
Its 100% free and easy to use. !!!!! * RULES * !!!!!
1. Put ALL information in you post. Make sure to include the following: description, price, Payment (Local Pickup, Paypal, etc) , location, size/measurements, contact information (email, phone number or leave message) & the words "NO COMMENTS". 2. You MUST have your settings set to allow everyone to send you a message. If your settings are set to friends only & non-friends cannot send you a message then your post will be deleted. 3. Do not post the same item(s) more than once within a 24 hour period. You may bump/repost your item after 24 hours. 4. If you have several items to post you need to create an album in YOUR photo's so you can delete them as they're sold. Tell people a little of what you have and ask them to check out the album on your page. If you have more than five items, make an album. 5. after your item has sold, please write "SOLD" in the comments under the pic. DISCLAIMER: The admins of this page are NOT responsible for what another member posts or the quality of the posted item. We are NOT responsible for any misconduct or criminal activity when meeting with a person to sell/pick-up items. Be sure to meet in a safe location with others around. Never meet after dark or in any area that isn't well lighted. Always bring another person with you. We have rules. If you don't like the rules, don't want to follow the rules, and think you should be able to do things your way, DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP. Create your own group or join another one! Also, admins of this group are allowed to post whatever, whenever & however they wish.. Check out these groups as well for area closer to your location if you are outside of this area. If your County is not on the list and you would like to see it added, please send the request to any admin of this group. Thank you for viewing. Happy Buying and Selling on Facebook. Facebook Resell Shop - Alamance County -
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