Amarillo And Canyon Classifieds

Amarillo And Canyon Classifieds~Whether you are looking to buy,sale, or trade hopefully you will find it right here!This is a community oriented group,so please respect your fellow group members,and keep in mind,these are your family,friends and neighbors so treat them with the same respect that you desire for yourself.We want to make buying and selling an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.Buying and Selling does not have to be a hassle,and is a good way to meet some great people while you are at it!Pleae feel free to add your friends,family and co-workers.

Group Rules
*I don't want to saddle everyone down with rules,all I ask for is the basics,just a bit of common courtesy.Be respectful of your fellow group members,and treat them and show them the same respect that you want for yourself.

*There are a couple of basics,and they are in place only to help the group run smoother,not to make this a hassle for you.

*When something sales,please remove the posting,this way our wall does not become bogged down with items that have already been sold.

And that is really about it,like I said,treat everyone with respect,and you will discover that buying and selling can be enjoyable,and does not need to be a hassle.If you have any requests or suggestions,please feel free to ask.