Ambient Techno World 1990s

This group is loosely related to a group I set up on MSN in the early 2K's called "Ambient Techno World. It was partly providing a link to a genre of obscure post-club electronic music that I'd picked up listening to the Chill Out Zone on Kiss FM during the 90's before the show was taken off air in 2000.

I still really enjoyed this new raw Electronica. Some fantastic artist created their best works in my opinion. I am hoping to regain the same kind of situation as was on MSN where people with an interest in Electronica networked before Malware links took hold. I intend to post up some of the great tunes if I can locate them on Youtube etc.

Music over two decades old has stood the test of time for it's everlasting freshness. It was a renaissance where Electronica had moved on from it's novelty beginnings and artists the world over were more adept at playing with new sounds, using new musical tools and essentially creating a genre of ambient techno. The music has remained largely underground but for a variety of radio broadcasts like the one on Kiss - The Chill out Zone with Paul Thomas.

2000 heralded the end of the Kiss Chill Out Zone, when corporate bosses of EMAP withdrew it's budget for selective music. That was when the broadcast died but became the advent of a new commercial coining of the term 'Chill Out' and such sub genres as Lounge and chill out classical began misrepresenting the original genre.

This is why I call this group Ambient Techno World because you won't hear these tracks in an elevator unless you live in Utopia.

Thanks for reading.

David Morris

From Wikipedia

Ambient music is a musical genre that focuses largely on the timbral characteristics of sounds, often organized or performed to evoke an "atmospheric",[2] "visual"[3] or "unobtrusive" quality.

Techno is a form of electronic dance music (EDM)[1] that emerged in Detroit, Michigan (USA) in the mid to late 1980s. The first recorded use of the word techno, in reference to a genre of music, was in 1988.[2][3] Many styles of techno now exist, but Detroit techno is seen as the foundation upon which a number of subgenres have been built.