American Progressive Movement

The American Progressive Movement is an organization committed to electing Progressives throughout the country. APM will hold candidates accountable when they fail to do the will of the people, mislead their record or blatantly pander for votes. We intend to be the voice for Progressives throughout the country. APM looks for candidates who will advance our agenda of Fairness, Equality and Commonsense.

Our platform is simple:

1. Break up the Banks by Enforcing and Strengthening "Dodd/Frank" and reinstating The Glass-Steagall Act.

2. Overturn Citizen's United

3. Make the top earners pay their fair share by Instituting the "Buffet Rule"

4. Fight for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

5. Allow Workers the Right to Organize

6. Fight for Equality & Justice. (Racial & LGBT)

7. Support a Living Wage but in the meantime Raise the Minimum Wage to at Least $15/hour.

8. Invest in Public K-12 Education by Introducing Policies that Promote Additional Funding and Bring back Art, Music and Cultural Programs. End the Trend of Privatizing our Schools. Public Schools Should be an Independent Institution that Fosters Thought and Innovation.

9. Allow students to refinance student loan debt.