American Theravāda Buddhism (ATB)

Salutations from/Blessings of the Triple Gem - Welcome to American Theravāda Buddhism (ATB)

The theme of this Facebook Group is, of course, Theravāda Buddhism and its spread to/practice in America (specifically, the United States of America). As this is specifically a Buddhist Facebook Group (NOT a general purpose chat room/general forum), ONLY posts/shares directly related/pertaining to the recognized schools/sects/branches of Buddhism, or a combination thereof, are respected & honored. ANY commentary in response to a post/share must be directly related/pertaining thereto.

Primarily, this Group's functioning administrators are to simply observe/oversee the posts/shares/commentary submitted herein. Secondarily, they are to carefully approve any requests to join this Group. Tertiarily, they are to function as ordinary Group members.

(A.) Should it be deemed appropriate or necessary to remove/delete any post/share/comment submitted herein, this will be generally if ANY of such is/are considered to be threatening to the welfare of this Group, its integrity, or ANY of its members, in ANY way. (B.) Should it be deemed appropriate or necessary to remove/ban any Group member, this will be according to the discernment & discretion of any Group administrator hereof.

(I.) This Group is NOT to serve the purpose of being an advertizement/promotion marquee in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER! Thus, ALL posts/shares/commentary submitted herein for the apparent purpose of advertizement/promotion of ANY sort/type (unless granted an exception by Group administration) will be removed/deleted, without any question or hesitation. (II.) It is the sole responsibility & obligation of each & every Group member hereof to observe the privacy settings imposed by ALL Facebook users (including themselves). Thus, ALL posts/shares/commentary submitted herein must be free to share and without ANY such limitation imposed thereby; ANY attempted posts/shares/commentary submitted herein with instead the words "Attachment unavailable - this attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you." will be removed/deleted, without any question or hesitation. (III.) As this is an "American" Theravāda Buddhist Facebook Group, ALL written/text posts/shares submitted herein are required to be in English (the International Language); if not, then, an English translation MUST be provided therewith (audio/video posts/shares are excluded from this requirement. (IV.) Duplicate posting is considered to be a nuisance to this Group and its members. Thus, ALL duplicate posts will be removed/deleted, without any question or hesitation.

With mindfulness of/consideration to ALL of the above-stated, may ALL of this Group's members hold dear & find refuge here, doing what they can to make of this Group a quality place for the welfare & benefit of each & every Group member... themselves included.

Respectfully, ATB administration