Welcome to the Gundam discussion group! I'd ask you to keep things PG-13 but let's face it it's the internet.This is a mainly English speaking group so please keep posts in English as much as possible. If you want to speak in your own language, keep it in a personal post, otherwise talk in english. Follow the rules and enjoy your stay.

All Gundam or mecha related content is welcome but it must not exceed the PG-13 boundary line. The following include:

- All posts must be Gundam or Mecha related. If it's not and you wish to post, you must gain approval by an admin
- No vulgar or offensive content meant to hurt others
- No trash talking on people's content (ie. artwork, Gunplas, etc.) but "constructive" criticism is welcomed.
- No Hentai, nudity or other pornographic material
- Ecchi is allowed but limited (Anything with nip slips or over will be removed)
-No posts that include graphic violence or gore (With the exception of it being Gundam/mecha related)
- Please don't steal other people's content

If one of the following rules have been broken, we will occasionally let you off with a warning but continuing offenses will result in us utilizing the Strike System. The Strike System goes as follows:

One Strike - One day ban
2nd Strike - One week ban
3rd Strike - Permanent ban


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