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Agreement & What to Do About Rule Breakers (ADMIN's)

Rules for the Staff:

1. When Entering The staff of this group or page you agree to the rules in the welcom post and to the admin Rules.

2. Changing Group Setting Group Rules or Anything with our master rank permision is not approved and can make you lose your admin power.

3. Abusing your admin powers is not allowed.

4. Banning Members is Approved With the listed Rules beneed here but please leave a report in Rias Gremoraris Inbox With a Name and the Rule Number he/she broke.


What To Do With Rule Breakers:

* Ban People that Brake Rule: 1 (Only If porn or very extreme Hentai/Ecchi
* Ban People that Broke Rule: 3 (Only If they have no approval of Master Ranked Admin)
* Ban People that Brake Rule: 4 (No Details Required)

We Wish you all a Great day and all admins do your best and your job no one likes rule breakers here.

Dont forget hidden links in pictures or Taggs to groups instead of links they most common unseen

every admin should have readen our rules and we will not consider roleback for rule breakers.