Anime Institute of Technology

Anime Institute of Technology is a University which will enroll Bangladeshi anime fans and also anime fans throughout the world. Established in 29th of June, 2013, this anime group will behave like a University. There will be departments of anime related topics and also other departments like a regular University. Here you can research, study on anime and manga related topics. Anime related quizzes and exams will be there. Creative discussion on relevant topics, anime/manga ratings, recommendation from members, high quality posts, tips & tricks, reviews, polls, tutorials … all will be there.

Other than our main or major department (Anime/Manga), currently we have four departments (10% Posts will be from these categories)

1. Department of Science (posts related science topics, science news)

2. Department of Technology (posts related to technology news, gadgets, engineering)

3. Department of Gaming (posts related to games and reviews)

4. Department of Entertainment (posts related movies, books, and other miscellaneous things)

If your posts fall in any of these categories then give a heading like [Department of #####]; If your posts are anime and manga related then you don’t have to give a heading. These days many anime contains technical topics so these departments will prepare you to better understand those topics.

University Rules :

1. If you know something from manga then please do not spoil content of next episodes, do not ruin other people's fun. Please use spoiler tag above.

2. Pictures from Hentai, Soujo-ai, Shounen-ai, yaoi, yuri anime/manga which contains nude pictures will immediately get deleted. Ecchi posts are allowed but to some extent. Full Nude pictures are not allowed and will get deleted.

3. Abusive comments, hurting others based on race, color, country, religion are not allowed. First time it will be a warning but the next time he/she will get banned.

4. Anime/manga related advertisements are allowed. If your group deals with manga/anime then you can promote it here so that other people get a chance to know about it.

5. If you are working on a manga or anime project then you can share, show it here. Creative works like art and drawings are always fun. We will appreciate it always.

If you are an Anime/ Manga fan, then this is your dream University. Apply Now!! Admission is going on…