Anti Illuminati-Anti Mason

This Group is to unlock the secrets around us..we had enough of the world making fun of us and thinking we are so stupid to understand whats going on around us
what pissed me off and shocked is the fake photo of osama ben laden's dead body!!!!! oh come on its fake and we know he is a part of a conspiracy
i will post videos and photos to explain whats going on and to help open your mind
Dont be stupid and get bored you have to see this and go look for more and post it here for us

Lets be smart.. lets be against the Antichrist the one eyed the dajjal
lets be love...

Please try and respect everyone's different point of views. Please don't call names or abuse others for the way they think. Maybe they believe in God, maybe they don't. Let's focus on what we all agree on. Let's shed light and spread truth. Please, verify information before sharing, so we can more easily see through what is real and what are hoaxes. There are many! Feel free to be yourself and share how you feel. Thank you so much for being a part of this community, you are wanted and appreciated here!