Apostolic Pentecostal Life

We believe in...

One God

Being baptized in Jesus name.

Speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance which is the initial evidence of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Being seperate from the world.

We believe in having church the way the Bible says.

Living a life acceptable God, seeking His will in our lives.

Reaching the lost.

We desire revival here, there and everywhere.

Modesty-Women do not cut their hair, wear make or jewelry, we do not wear clothes that are form fitting, we wear skirts, NOT pants.

The Bible does not set specific clothing guidelines for men, We believe men and women should be distinguishable:
No hair covering the tops of a man's ears.
No hair touching a man's collar.
Men do not wear what pertains to a woman.
We can honestly say that the basic principles of godly appearance that apply to women should also apply to men...namely, modesty, moderation, decency, elimination of ornamentation and costly finery, and distinction between male and female in hair and dress.

Praying and seeking God DAILY.

Reading and studying the Bible DAILY.

We are NOT ashamed of the truth or of God!


*Belittling, bullying, blasphemy, and mockery will not be tolerated here.

*This will be a place of peace and of love. Here we can come together and post and discuss clean and GODLY topics.

*You are welcome to post Christian pictures and Godly music.

*If you post a sermon be sure it is of our faith.

*King James Version ONLY.

*No spammy ads.

We welcome anyone to our group if its their honest desire and intent to learn.

Acts 2:38
2 Timothy 3:16

Melissa Brown