Apple for Khmer.LDP

"League For Democracy Party(LDP)".We have to visualize the common dream which is our goal. "A nation in which we live in equity as its owners".

The eight mechanisms which are a result of our rationale consideration shall serve as a foundation in order to realize our common dream.

The eight mechanisms are as follows:

1. Premiership shall be limited to two terms in office ONLY;
2. Prime Minister shall not be allowed to establish his own bodyguard unit;
3. Prime Minister shall be required to live in a State residence;
4. Administrative court shall be established;
5. Nomination of police and military generals shall be validated by the National Assembly;
6. Civil Servants shall be banned from political party affiliation;
7. Direct voting system shall be applied to elect or remove representatives at all levels
(Commune/Sangkat, District/Khan/Town and Province/Capital);
8. Uninominal system of election shall be applied to elect members of Parliament;