Arlington Closet Sharers


(1) No wall pics; create an album (see the FAQ in our "files" section if you need instructions). Title your album with your location first, and a brief description (e.g. Arlington boys 2-3T). If you are not in Arlington or a bordering town, offer delivery to Arlington (e.g. Wilmington Will Deliver, Girls 3T).

(2) Please try to delete your sold items and old (1 week+ albums). We will periodically post a reminder. You can easily find your old postings by clicking the magnifying glass icon near the top of the wall page and searching your name.

(3) No comment-bumping your pics. You may comment-bump your album if you are announcing a price reduction(s). Please reduce by 10% or more.

(4) You may add new items to old albums, and bump the album. But we delete all albums after 1 week regardless (we don't have time to check edit dates).

(5) Please make every effort to timely pick up purchased items. If we receive 3 complaints from 3 separate people, we will ban you.