Artisan Bread Bakers

A group for those who are passionate about baking great bread!


FILES: There are LOTS of resources, including sourdough formulas, book recommendations, etc.
PHOTOS: Browse through the photos tab for lots of inspiration from other members.
EVENTS: The main event here is usually our "Bread of the Month" or "BOM". Feel free to join up!

The Rules

1. Yeasty Goodness: Anything with wild or commercial yeast can be posted here. So is showing off your prized wood fired ovens, new baking and kneading toys, etc. If you are not sure if a post is appropriate, feel free to contact an administrator first.

2. For the purposes of this group, Artisan means "made by your own hands." No matter our skill, we're all still learning, so treat everyone with respect. On the flip side, if someone gives you advice, graciously accept it or ignore it. If you have an issue with someone, take it up with them outside of this group. .. or let it go.

3. Behavior: If you're being impolite, argumentative, petty, rude, ungracious, or hurtful in dealing with others, the admins of this group WILL remove you without warning. Arguments regarding the merits of gluten, carbs, the merits of various ingredients, weight loss, wheat, yeast, etc. are subject to deletion at the discretion of the admins without warning as well. Bickering will not be tolerated.

4. Recipe Sharing: You can ask, but if you are not obliged, don't get offended. This is not a recipe sharing site per se, but rather a place to share ideas and ask questions. If you receive a reply of "recipe plz," you can ignore if you choose. Don't feel obligated. Requesting referrals to recipes or formulas are perfectly fine. Any recipes that are not your own should be attributed to their author via link or reference to the source. Copyright infringement via posting others' photographs, PDFs, or downloads of cookbook pages or entire cookbooks is grounds of being banned from the group permanently.

5. Blatant advertisers will be Pelted with Stale Rolls and then deleted permanently: As long as you're already an active member of the group, it's okay to post photos of bread that you have made along with a link to your blog underneath. "Hit and run" posts with links to a blog without comment are not welcome. Be an active member first and don't just use us just to generate an audience. Similarly, do NOT post links to your commercial business (bakery, bakery equipment, etc.) without commentary. The admins will review such posts and abuse may be a ban-able offense. If you are not sure about your post, feel free to ask an administrator directly. We usually say “yes.”

While Facebook will allow current members to add people, they will not be approved. The request to join must come from the prospective member.