The Asclepiadaceae group opened on June the 13th,2011. Come here to talk about this succulent family. If you know other people who like this succulent plant family, invite them to join us. On March 17 2013, we became the official Facebook group for the Yahoo Stapeliad group, a forum that was established in the year 2001. One year later, on March 17, 2014 we became the official Facebook group representing the International Asclepiad Society, a venerable group established in 1976. If you would like to join the International Asclepiad Society, you can go to the website and join there:: We are all now here under one international umbrella. Welcome.

Le 13/06/2011 le groupe Asclepiadaceae est ouvert. Venez y discuter de vos plantes de la famille des Asclepiadaceae. N'hésitez pas à inviter d'autres personnes susceptibles d'être intéressées.