Atheist Republic

Welcome to the Atheist Republic! This is the private version of the Republic’s main page:

This is not a group for religious debate. Do not join if you believe in any gods. It is a group FOR atheists, not ABOUT atheism.

Here are the Group Rules. -
1. This group is exclusively for non-believers in gods. If you persistently proselytize any other supernatual woo you may be removed from the group.
2. No trolling or baiting. Facetiousness about suicide ("kill yourself"), rape, and murder are considered trolling.
3. No bigoted (racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.) content.
4. Non-English content must contain an accurate English translation.
5. No gory or violent content may be immediately viewable. Delete previews and warn people.
6. No spamming or soliciting people's contact info.
7. No personal attacks, harassment, or threats of harm.
8. No reproduction of group content outside AR (screen-capture, copy & paste, etc.) without permission from and censoring names of all involved members.
9. No drama. What happens in another group/page/IRL/thread, stays there. Do not use people’s photos or content without permission.
10. Do not report posts to Facebook. Contact or tag admins and council members if you have an issue.
11. Content must comply with Facebook's TOS. ( Comments or threads violating TOS will be removed. This includes content which may be pornographic in nature, without actual or direct nudity. This is your only warning.
12. No inciting trolling or raiding of other groups, pages or private accounts.

All topics of discussion are allowed in this group. Sexual innuendo/flirting is allowed, but if it is unwelcome, it will be taken as sexual harassment. For a more serious, mature discussion group join

The admins of this group are Armin Navabi, Prithvi Shiv, Lee Myers, Drew Wiggers, Fanchon Stearns, Jonathan Tan, Crizzy Nievera Escorpion, Allie Jackson Savić, Michael Foster, Bob Nichol, Will E. Wouldholler, Kylie Eugene Galloway, Derrick Casey, and Jim Rogers. Blocking an admin is grounds for removal.

AR Council:
Atheist Republic has introduced a Council of members that provides a buffer between the moderating team and other members. They are: Vincent Taliaferro, Martin Crisp, Joe Wenneman, Rachael Tait, Thomas Fry, Tom Meadows, Tyler Blankenship, Deb Goldfine, Michele Het, Dejan Savić, Tyler Broadway, Steven John Parry, Mark Dutton and D.j. Nash.

To better understand the people who keep AR