AUSTIN: Buy, sell and barter


Feel free to post any items you wish. There are only a few things I ask:

-Buyer beware. I have nothing to do with other's posts. When purchasing/trading firearms, always use a Firearms Bill of Sale. You can find one in the files section.

5 RULES: all very simple.

1. Must be 18 years of age or older. (because I allow guns and ammo to be posted)

2. Keep your post lawful. (ie: no selling drugs, stolen items, sex, etc.)

3. No ads for any companies. If you are a small business, feel free to SELL your items or WRITE a post if you have a service to offer just like everyone else. Do not upload a picture with your information on it. This is considered an ad. Feel free to make an album or upload a few photos with your past work. Big companies and MLM reps are prohibited from posting at all. (ie: Mary Kay, Avon, Scentsy, car dealerships, cable or phone providers, etc.)

4. Only "BUMP" your post once per day. Otherwise, it will be deleted and you can post again the next day. If admin sees a re-post, it will also be deleted.

5. Lastly, keep it civil. We're all adults.

GUIDELINES: Everything below will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

-I would like to keep this group restricted to local small businesses (Austin and surrounding areas) and individuals who have Items or services to sell and barter.

-Please refrain from stock images and over posting.

-It helps to include your location and asking price in the original post, but I'm not going to be a Nazi about it. Y'all are adults and can figure it out on your own.

-Large number of products?: Create yourself an album. This usually applies to those who are trying to sell their entire wardrobe, handmade products and re-sellers who have many items. It's an efficient way to upload pictures of everything you have all in one place rather than post after post after post. You can bump it every so often so that it's seen on the wall. I strongly recommend this and will probably ask you to do it if I see a ton a clothes or many posts from one member.