Australia Backpackers

- Brand new FB accounts will not be allowe...d in (99% are spam)
- You must have a public country location on your profile
- No profile pic? You look like a spammer.
- If you coming to this group to find a wife/husband from a country where you can't even get in to Australia, fuck off!

Are you travelling in Australia or looking to travel here on a working holiday, tourist or student visa in the future? Are you looking to learn more about travelling, living, working and having fun down under, or alternatively do you want to chat with and help others on their journey?
Are you an Australian or permanent resident and believe you can contribute your experience and knowledge of life in Australia to help travellers? If so, Australia Backpackers is the group for you!
This group represents a great traveller community providing a learning resource, exchange of ideas and general chit chat on travel and life in Australia. Join and ask us a question or start a topic about the working holiday life down under, help others and be helped in return. Meet others and make new friends!

1) All posts to be in English; or contain an English translation FIRST. This is to: maintain transparency, not to alienate, allow the community to help you more efficiently, and we speak English in Australia!

2) NO travel agents/commercial tour operators to post SALES content, this is a discussion board for unbiased travel & we don’t want the group full of tour promotions, offers, adverts etc. YOU WILL BE BANNED

3) Commercial and trade sales adverts are not welcome either. The hard sell is bad enough in Australia.

4) Keep your posts on topics concerning life and travel in Australia. This includes items such as news of relevance, work opportunities and questions, visa and tax questions and information, requests for travel partners and transport, events of significance, aspects of life down under, cultural and historical information, arranging meeting others and social events etc. Topics that are way off track or spam-like in nature are not acceptable and will be removed.

5) Referral product links (Transferwise, Uber, Airbnb, etc) are not allowed as topics, ie you cannot promote your referral for self-gain, however if someone ASKS for one in a post this is allowed on that post only!

6) The following are not acceptable under any circumstances and will result in an instant ban and post deletion - PLEASE REPORT THIS TO ADMIN BY SELECTING DROP DOWN ARROW ON POST TO THE RIGHT-
*. Pornography
*. Spam, inappropriate marketing
*. Unwanted solicitation and harassment of other members
*. Crude or insulting behaviour to other members
*. Job adverts that break Australian laws (i.e. pay less than award wages and conditions or illegally discriminate by race, gender, sexual preference etc.)
*. Racist, xenophobic, sexist, homophobic or inflammatory content
*. Requests for or offers of drugs, weapons or illegally distributed content (cigarettes, alcohol etc)