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Welcome to Pre Loved BABY Goods Eastern Melbourne and The Yarra Valley :-)

Page Rules

1. It is the most important, yet also a pretty straight forward rule; ALL members can post anything that is relating to babies / children. This includes businesses.

2. Once listed in an album, first to comment on the photo has the first option to buy, regardless of 'holds / options' seller has listed in caption. No going in line for other members. You must comment on the photo yourself to go in line to make the purchase.

3. NEVER EVER 'jump on another member's wave'.

4. All members are allowed to ask question/s or advise in the comment box, rather than have to email the seller. Sellers can help avoid the obvious questions by using the descriptions box to detail the item/s well.

5. Other group pages have had an ongoing issue in their group, with some members saying that they want to buy their item/s, only to have the seller never hear back from that buyer again. This will NOT be tolerated on this page.

6. Once your item is sold, paid & collected, please delete post! For mobile users unable to: please comment on photo *DELETE*, so administration/s know it's collected & can try to delete the item/s for you.

7. If you are a business, you can advertise on the main, provided it is related to babies/children.

8. Event Invitation sent to the group page's members: Not accepted on the page.

Some guidelines:

- Please use your own photos; business stock photos will be removed

- Please add photos to the relevant albums, if they're not, they will be removed

- No links to personal albums or other 'for sale' albums

- Please, as a courtesy to other buyers, REMOVE your photos from the album once sold

- If it’s confusing, it will be removed

- Please be respectful towards each other.

If you breach the rules you will be issued a strike.

1 strike per offence
3 strikes = ban from page
***The above are guidelines and are at Admins discretion****

Admins take no responsibility for transactions on this page. You buy and sell at your own risk.

By joining this page you agree to and are bound by the Page Rules.

***If there are any questions about these rules, please feel free to contact administrator/s in PRIVATE via EMAIL***

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