BANTU Hall of Fame / Hall of Champions

The philosophy and purpose of the Bantu Warriors Supreme Sokeship Council is to further enhance various forms of martial arts and disciplines. Through seminars, demonstrations, fellowship, and recognition of awards and honor of accomplishments. We encourage personal growth and emphasis the development of the three basic critical elements: mind, body, and spirit. By ways of mentoring to the youth and others, developing, and instilling self-confidence, self-respect and the respect of others, as well as embracing change.

Through various means, such as furthering education (both formal and spiritual), assisting with better understanding one's own limitations and surpassing any recognized limitations (whether physical, mental/emotional or financial), by continuously reassessing each students ability and progress. We also, recognize individual achievements through a promotion system based on dedication and performance, and invite those worthy (with the approval of the council) to an awards banquet that is held in their honor. Which also helps foster our continued fellowship with others within other disciplines and philosophies.

The Bantu Warrior is a registered 501 (c) organization.

Contact Information:

Dr. Hawk / President
[email protected]

Soke Calvin Campbell Executive Vice President
(937) 248-3304
Email: [email protected]