BATs International

=ABOUT SECTION= BATs International - a companion group of Badass Teachers Association (BATs). We fight GERM - Global Education Reform Movement.

Founders: Priscilla Sanstead, Dr. Mark Naison
General Manager: Marla Kilfoyle
Asst. Gen'l Manager: Melissa Tomlinson (Love Light)
Research Team: Dr. Denisha Jones, Dr. Yohuru Williams, & Dr. Michael Flanagan
BATs Creative Director - Kelly Braun
"BATs DREAM" Group Manager - Aixa Rodriguez



TWITTER: @BadassTeachersA

BATs MISSION: BATs was created to give voice to every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality through education. BAT members refuse to accept assessments, tests and evaluations created and imposed by corporate driven entities that have contempt for authentic teaching and learning.

WHO CAN JOIN: All adults who share our mission are welcome: teachers, parents, retirees, and interested college age folks.

GUIDELINES: Admins reserve the right to DELETE comments/threads & members from the group that do not follow our guidelines <that honor the wide diversity of BATs>.

QUESTION? See "Free Speech and Censorship in Online Communties" - by David Tete -

AUTOMATIC DELETION TOPICS: These posts/comments CAN be deleted automatically:

1. Posts (incl. homework posts) asking BATs to evaluate or that bash teacher/student/parent work/actions w/ words/joke memes/cartoons.

2. Posts from right wing groups (they only share our fight against Common Core and ed reform).

3. Bullying; fussing about fellow BATs' typos/grammar; demeaning remarks re: names/accents; homophobic/sexist/racist comments; references to Communism/Nazi Germany/Hitler/guns/weaponry; jokes/pics about marijuana/hard drugs/alcohol; use of vulgarity; video violence or corporal punishment, contentious mentions of religion/religious texts/political parties, mentions of reciting The Pledge, "Sex Ed"/any sexual content.

4. Criticism/questioning BATs' name/fist logo.

5. Identifiable pics/names of students.

6. Personal agenda posts, unapproved campaigning, fundraising, or seeking to profit from published books/videos/causes/mdse. Note that Education/Ed reform book authors are exempt w/ permission.


1. Taking screen-shots of comments in t he comments section, blocking BATs' Founders/Gen'l Mgrs/Mods

2. Vocal support of corporate reform entities such as TFA / Pearson / Bill Gates / StudentsFirst / CCSS, & right wing groups / persons who do not share our fight against anything but Common Core and corporate reform (Heritage Foundation, Fordham Institute, media personality Glenn Beck, etc)

3. Excessive arguing/disrespecting Moderators' decisions.

4. Comments conflicting w/ BATs Mission

ACTIONS: BATs will engage in organized group actions - Tweets, phone calls, emails, online commenting, letter writing, & protests.