Elmwood Games Club


Originally founded by QCS committee member Mark Storey (2011)
Past runners: Mark Storey, Conor Lee & Dicky Li, Diarmaid Ó Connachtaigh

Current: Conall Mac Canna, Adam Galway

Free playable Steam accounts from 1pm onwards each week in the 2nd floor Alienware (Games) lab of the ECS1 Building. Just log on with your student account and you're good to play. In the near future we'll be setting up speed tournaments for a variety of games with prizes and probably ranking ladders. Other than that it'll be good craic for both familiar and unfamiliar PC gamers. smile emoticon

First come first served - very limited seating as it is the Alienware lab! See you there!

Previous games clubs (back in the BCB): https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.233162670104422.59548.100002320715041&type=3