BJJ & MMA Classifieds

1: This group was created for anyone to utilize in buying, selling and trading BJJ or MMA related items.
2: We are unable to monitor or filter this site 24/7 of spammers. We do access the group daily and add members daily there are going to be some that do get added but will be removed. If the group is abused or spammed by them(everyone is allowed the chance to be a member). We ask everyone to be patient and not post unnecessary comments that are snide or disrespectful, in doing so you may also be removed and banned from the group. We thank all of our members in joining and hope to continue to grow!
3: Rules for posting;
Got items you want to sell or trade, post a photo with the price or state what you want to trade for.
And of course, if you sell your item, please delete your post.

Update: 9 February 2014. Good things to have in your sale posts would be
Size of items,
Picture/s if possible (helps move items quickly)
Price you would like in a dollar amount. We will not accept "make an offer" this discourages interest. I know this from personal experience.
Thank you.