BJJ New & Upcoming Gear Offerings

OPEN TO ALL: Stay on top of all of the latest BJJ gear offerings. From gis to rash guards, spats, hats, shirts you name it. All BJJ gear updated all the time!

To give designers, manufacturers and distributors of BJJ gear, both large and small, (collectively, BJJ Gear Sellers) a single place on Facebook to announce and promote their BJJ goods to the entire BJJ community.

For BJJ Gear Sellers – access to a LARGE group of BJJ Gear Enthusiasts to get our feedback on proposed designs, as well as promote and sell their goods. Unlike any other group on Facebook here we WANT to see what you have for sale.

For BJJ Gear Enthusiasts – to have a single single-source to locate and track virtually all of the new and upcoming BJJ gear that is both on Facebook and the Internet.

For the purpose of maintaining the privacy of our members, this group has been set up as a “CLOSED” group. Per Facebook what that means is non-members can see who is a member, but CAN NOT SEE what is posted within the group. Only other members can see your posts and comments.

Membership to this group is open to everyone.

Posts can only be made by BJJ Gear Sellers announcing their new designs and offerings, as well as updated available inventory, promotions, and giveaways. That being said, any member can “share” a post of BJJ gear that is available from a brand owner or designer. All of that is encouraged.

Posts are not limited to what’s on Facebook by any means. Any external internet link can be incorporated in a post.

We try to avoid duplicate posts and frequent posts of the same items.

The following posts are encouraged:

Sneak Peeks – Items not yet in inventory, but shall be soon or at a reasonable point in the future.

Product Drop – New items that haven’t yet been in inventory but are now in inventory available for sale.

Discounts – Sales discounts on existing inventory.

Contests & Giveaways – Sales contests that give our members the opportunity to win free gear.

Replenished Inventory – Gear that has previously been sold out or depleted and has now been restocked.

Feedback – Proposed designs or questions about designs or gear that BJJ Gear Sellers would like feedback from the group on.

We'd like to see the following MINIMUM items in the posts:

Sneak Peeks – Pictures &/or graphic designs, as well as estimated drop date and pricing (if known).

Product Drop – Photographs, a DIRECT LINK to where the product can be ordered, and a price.

Discounts – Same as Product Drop + the discount amount (in $’s or %), and discount code.

Contests & Giveaways – Details on the contest as well as a DIRECT LINK to sign up for the contest. If the contest requires our members to do gymnastics to qualify, then it won't get posted. In other words, make the contest easy to understand and qualify for.

Replenished Inventory – The same as with Product Drop.