British Muslims for Secular Democracy

BMSD Group:

This group is for building relationships, creating dialogue and raising awareness within British Muslims and the wider public, of democracy particularly secular democracy. This forum seeks to ensure a safe and secure environment where all religions and none, can come together in meaningful dialogue. This group is for creating a better understanding, not seeking conversion or the spreading of any ideology or religion.

We will not approve your join request if your profile picture is offensive or if your profile contains offensive material. You can enquire about membership by messaging us first.

Guidelines for posts and comments:

Please respect and observe them. Threads and / or posts that violate the guidelines may be deleted without warning, as per the discretion of ADMINS.

Respect the rights of all communities. This is a forum with diverse members; atheist, gay & lesbian, Christian, Muslim Hindu etc. If you are not comfortable with this or believe some are less equal than others, then this is not the forum for you.

Racism, sexism and offensive comments about faiths, sects, lifestyles or orientations (i.e. gay/lesbian) will not be tolerated.

Focus on the main topic of the thread and the current comments. If you want to digress to another topic, please start a new thread for the new topic.

Use language that is respectful of other people and members, other communities, and their opinions.

If members wish to post a thread in another language, they must provide translation when posting the thread. This applies to religious text as well.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Do not proselytise.

Respect and act upon comments by ADMINS in their role as moderators.

Avoid the perception of trying to dominate or 'flood' the group. Please do not post more than three new topics (threads) within any one 24 hour period, and do not post more than three consecutive responses (comments) within any one existing topic.

Do not copy and paste private Inbox, chat or e-mail conversations.

Always add your own narration or comments when posting a thread unless the topic and contents of the thread are self explanatory. It is good practice to add your own perspective to help start a healthy discussion.

Deleted members can reapply to join and can see the group. Just like any non-member.

Admins: Shaaz Mahboob, Tehmina Kazi

This is the Facebook presence of British Muslims for Secular Democracy which was established to rise awareness within British Muslims and the wider public, of democracy particularly ‘secular democracy’ helping to contribute to a shared vision of citizenship (the separation of faith and state, so faiths exert no undue influence on policies and there is a shared public space).

You can find our web page here;

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