Buy! Sell! Buy! Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset

A very friendly selling/buying group. We try to be different from the other groups!
Please pass this site address onto your friends and family. The more members join, the more chances you'll have to turn your unwanted goods into money!

Please be respectful when uploading your single photos. There is a " No more than 6 (SIX) single, separate ads/photos at once." rule in here. More info can be found in our docs.

All our rules are very basic, and are only in place to make your stay a more pleasurable one!

So feel free to add all your selling items on here. Mainly, just have fun...make money and perhaps a few new friends too!!
Thank you for joining! This is your make it friendly and successful!


See "Files" on main page under title for more details on group rules.

Always take care on here and other groups;
Admin here try their best to keep your group safe for all transactions. 99.9% you'll deal with honest trustful friendly buyers/sellers. There is always that 0.01% that will try to spoil things for the majority, so you must do your own checks before purchases!
Admin will NOT be held responsible for any of your sells or purchases. Where we can, we will try our best to help you resolve any problems. Remember NEVER pay for any item(s), before receiving/seeing said item(s).

Happy safe buying and selling!