Better than Ebay KIDS - Lexington, Ky.

Welcome to our group. We exist for those who live or work in FAYETTE and BORDERING counties to buy and sell (or give away) CHILD-Related items. Please read this entire post before you offer items for sale.

If we cannot determine your location by looking at your public profile, we will attempt to message you to see if you live or work in our area.

Please don't sell items that are clearly not child-related. If we determine an item is outside our liberal guidelines, it will be removed. Please do not use stock photos of an item, only photos of the actual item will be allowed; others will be deleted without warning.

Please do not post business advertisements; they will be removed without warning and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

We have set up albums to facilitate organized selling and buying. You may only post items for sale IN the preexisting albums. Directions for posting will be in the files tab. Mobile users cannot post from the facebook app. You must use your phone's browser.

Please sell by communicating with those interested via the COMMENT section of your photo. Once the item sells, you may communicate via private message for directions, etc. Private messages for offers are unreliable as many people will not see messages in their "other" box.

When you post a photo, please describe by listing a size, color, condition, etc. and list a price. Do not request others to make an offer on your item. This is not a bidding site.

Once the item sells, please remove the photo from the album. Please mark all items pending as PPU in the comments section. We will periodically delete older photos so don't rely on this group as your photo storage.

Please be nice and treat others as you wish to be treated. We reserve the right to remove anyone who causes problems and or doesn't follow posted guidelines, without warning.

Please direct questions/disputes to Aimee Heald Nielson; Michelle Gaylor Young, Lindsey Brown Love or Lea Toland. Thank you for your patience as we all make this a better community! We look forward to how the group will evolve! God Bless!