Buy Sell Baby Goods (Qld)

A central place for all us mums with WAYYYYY too much baby stuff to SELL.. those who LOVE a bargain to BUY !!

I Started this group because I have a mountain of baby things to slowly get rid of. Therefore some of the items on this page are owned by admin, BUT the group exists to benefit all members.

If you have something you wish to sell you can either upload singularly to the wall OR if u have more than 8 items please make an album.
For Items posted to the wall... please :
- add a description
- add a price
- offer pick up or postage options
- tag yourself

If u load an album, please use your ur name and location as album title.

1. First to comment has first option to buy and so on afterwards for next in line (NIL) please be fair to those who comment in order.

2. Admin/Facebook or anyone other than the buyer and seller are responsible for the listings and dealings taking place, exercise common sense, if u are willing to take or give deposits that is at ur own risk.

3. Please dont excessively bump your items. Maximum one bump per item per day.

4. Dont be RUDE! that includes, not hijacking someone elses sale with ur item. Use common courtesy and be POLITE!

Rules will be added to as the page progresses. Suggestions are most welcome!!! please share the group