Baby bump to toddler toes exchange of Grant County

From pregnancy to age 5 almost 6... Nothing older than age 6 please! There is another page for that age group. Thank you :)

Here are a few rules to make your posting and selling most successful!

TO BE A MEMBER:... Welcome! Now that you are here, please remember to be kind and considerate to ALL members at all times. If ever a personal issue arises, please contact that seller or buyer directly via personal message to resolve the situation. This respect should be extended to the administrators of the group as well. We are here to help facilitate a fun and successful group that allows you to find items and rid yourselves of your unused items. All of that takes a lot of hours and work to keep the page running as smoothly as possible. With all that said, the bottom line is this... If you are not kind and or respectful to your fellow members/admins., you will be removed from this group. Nobody likes a meanie right?

TO POST: Please post a picture of your item with a description of Location, Condition, Sizes, Measurements, and any other description that would be helpful to a buyer as the caption of your photo. Remember be as detailed as possible!

ALBUM: If you have more than one item or multiple photos of the same item(s) to sell, post them to an Album, which is under the Photos Tab on the top of the page. When each picture is commented on, it will show up as most recent in the feed. So check often to see if your item has sold. Facebook will also notify you that it has been commented on. ALL ALBUMS will be DELETED after ONE (1) month of being posted!

MAX POSTING: 5 posts in a 24 hour period – that gives plenty of room for others to post, and so the board doesn’t get overran by one person. (One album is one post)

SALE PRICE: Make sure your minimum sale price for ONE item is $5.00, If you have a lot of $1 items group them together and make a LOT of those items. If your item doesn’t sell, please consider lowering the price. Check Ebay for your item and see what it is going for in the “real” world. Yes our junk is precious to us, but it may not be worth that much in true resale value. Be sensible; do not sell a used, stained Coach bag for the same price I could buy a new one at the outlet mall. Remember price it to SELL it!

WHO CAN BUY/SELL ON HERE: This is Primarily for Grant County Washington residence. Grant County, Washington includes (main cities) Coulee City, Electric City, Ephrata, George, Grand Coulee, Hartline, Krupp-Marlin, Mattawa, Moses Lake, Quincy, Royal City, Soap Lake, Warden, and Wilson Creek. There are about 50 smaller cities that are included... if you do not live in Grant County, and choose to buy or sell here, you will be responsible for all travel to GRANT COUNTY for all transactions. Please make sure to LIST where you are at!

BUMPING: Bumping is when your post has been up for at least 24 hours, and it has not sold, or had any activity on it. You may type BUMP under the comment section and bring it up to the top of the feed. Remember if I see bumping every hour or every couple of hours on an item, your item WILL BE DELETED. So Bump once a day! Commenting on your post DOES count as bumping!
(For clarification on Bumping: bumping isn't solely the act of writing "Bump" on your post, it is any comment that brings your post to the top of the news feed.. any non activity for a 24 hour period that makes it to where your post is too far down to notice qualifies it for a "bump".
Some people write odd facts about their item (such as "still available", "Price reduced", or a more detailed description or price), some simply put a ., a *, or some other quick mark, while others actually write "bump"... it is all the same.. any activity on your post that brings it to the top is considered a bump.. now this does not mean you cant reply to questions or comments on your post, but, that DOES mean that you are not able to "bump" your post for 24 hours.... you need to have 24 hours of inactivity on your post to qualify for a "Bump")
ALSO; Please do not keep reposting the same item over and over; take the time to find your original post and bump it. IF you are having trouble finding it after you have personally looked for it either on the wall or in the photos, please ask an admin or fellow group member to help you locate it.

WHAT CAN BE SOLD HERE??: I love to see homemade items, quilts, jams, hair accessories, etc. So those NON-COMMERCIAL businesses are welcome here. If you sell COMMERCIAL items, for a company, such as Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Monive, Scentsy, It Works, Body by Vi, Advocare, and the many others, you are not able to post in this forum. That is what your own “FAN” pages are for and your websites. Please do NOT take advantage of our trusting members with “business opportunities” a lot of these “at home” jobs are just scams and pyramid schemes. Unless you are SELLING an ENTIRE BUSINESS – such as your Hair Bow business – that you may offer up for sale.

SELLING YOURSELF?: Yes If you have a special talent that you can offer our members, that is great! But PLEASE do not use this page as your ONLY mode of advertising – that just gets annoying! So IF you are a Children’s Event Planner OR Interior Designer – offering some services you are WELCOME to post here!

And last but not least:

DELETING: Once an item has been sold please DELETE your Pictures, Albums, and posts. It makes the feed and Photos most current and then we are not overran by sold items in the Album. To DELETE your post, just move your mouse over the outer right corner and you will see “OPTIONS” hit DELETE.

PLEASE: Do not buy an item on here and turn around and sell it on here a week later for a higher price - that is dishonest, and very rude. If you do want to sell it then please use Ebay or Craigslist. People will loose trust to sell or buy from you, if you do this practice!! I know I WOULDN’T BUY from you if you did this to me!

If your item doesn’t sell within a month’s time it’s most likely will not sell on here. There are other places you can get sell your items around town. Or Donate your items to one of the great shops (Good Will, Senior Center, Thrift Stores) and take the tax deduction.

ADDING FRIENDS: You may add as many friends as you wish, just click on the “Add Friends” to the right of the page, type their name in and click “ADD.”

FYI - Save the Drama for your Momma - and anyone who cares to voice an opinion about MY rules may Private Message ME directly - DO not post on this site your complaints or your drama. They will be instantly deleted and you will be banned! Thanks!