Badass Teachers Association

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What is the Badass Teacher Association?
Founders: Priscilla Sanstead, Dr. Mark Naison
General Manager: Marla Kilfoyle
Asst. Gen'l Manager: Melissa Tomlinson (Love Light)
Research Team: Brian Crowell, Dr. Denisha Jones, Sara Wottawa, Dr. Yohuru Williams
DREAM Manager - Aixa Rodriguez

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GUIDELINES: Admins reserve the right to DELETE comments, threads, & members from the group that do not follow these guidelines .

Censorship concerns? Read "Free Speech and Censorship in Online Communties" - by David Tete from

AUTOMATIC DELETION TOPICS: These posts/comments CAN be deleted automatically:

1. Posts (incl. homework posts) that ask for evaluation of teacher/student/parent's actions; or bash teachers/students/parents w/ words/joke memes.

2. Glen Beck posts, contentious mentions of religion/religious texts or political parties, any mention of Pledge, "Sex Ed", or any sexual content.

3. Bullying; fussing about fellow BATs' typos/grammar; demeaning remarks about names/accents; homophobic, sexist, or racist comments; references to Communism/Nazi Germany/Hitler/etc; jokes/pics about marijuana, hard drugs/alcohol; use of vulgarity; mentions of guns or weaponry, & video violence, or corporal punishment

4. Criticism/questioning of appropriateness of our name/fist logo.

5. Identifiable pictures/names of students.

6. Personal agendas - unapproved campaigning, fundraising, or seeking to profit from published books, videos, causes, or mdse. BATs education book authors are exempt.


1. Taking screen-shots of comments, blocking BATs' Founders/Gen'l Mgrs/mods

2. Supporting corporate deform entities (TFA, Pearson, Bill Gates, StudentsFirst, etc), CCSS or Glen Beck.

3. Excessive arguing/disrespecting mod's/admin's/founder's decisions.

4. Comments conflicting with BATs Mission

BATs are Pro-Union & OPPOSE Common Core State Standards, High Stakes Testing, Teach for America, & most Charter Schools. (See “Files” tab for articles.)

ACTIONS: BATs will engage in organized group actions - Tweeting, phone calls, emails, online commenting, letter writing, & protests.

MEMBERSHIP: BATs welcomes ALL who support our mission, recognize the importance of strong public schools, & are willing to fight alongside us - teachers, parents, & interested college students.

THE NAME: Some feel it is unprofessional to use the word “badass” . We disagree. As Dr. Naison says, "We've had enough. We are not your doormats. We are not your punching bags. We are some of the hardest working, most idealistic people in this country and we are not going to take it anymore. We are Badass. We are legion. And we will force the nation to hear our voice!”

REVISED Sept 17. 2014