Baguio City ONLINE Tambayan

This group is dedicated to all people who's looking for:

1. Part-time/Full-time Jobs
2. Business Opportunities
3. Things to Buy and Sell
4. Upcoming Events

RULES: In order to be organized...
1. No spamming
2. Post ONLY ONCE depending on the schedule where you can post
3.We encourage everyone to give comments, suggestion, and ask questions..
4.Rude Comments and offensive remarks are not allowed.
5.Treat each other with dignity and respect.
6.Practice being open-minded
7.Please use Filipino and English language only
8.Problems are presented in a way that promotes mutual discussion and resolution.
9.If you commit to doing something-do it. Be accountable and responsible to the group.
10. Adding/inviting friends is very much appreciated...

1. Mon and Thur - part time/full-time Jobs Opportunities
2. Tue and Sat- Things to buy and sell
3. Wed and Fri- Upcoming events
4. Sundays: Business opportunities(MLM Business)
5. Everyday: educational, empowering, inspirational,(videos, qoutes, messages, blogs, articles, pictures, hobbies, trivias and the like)

If you want to post something of value to this group, please feel free to do so...

God Bless and Take Charge....