Baking Business Confidence by BoB

This group is run by Michelle Green, writer and business mentor from The Business of Baking - - so if you're here and you don't know what or who that is, stop reading this and go check it out!

Baking Business Confidence is a group for people who are in - or intending to be in - a business related to the baking arts (cake, cake pops, cookies, macarons...etc). The purpose of the group is to teach, inspire, motivate and assist one another to achieve their business goals.

This is a group where we can share our concerns, get some love for our wins, and make the baking business community a more supportive place. This is NOT a group where you can ask pricing questions ("what would you charge for this?") or questions about where to source supplies or tutorials. We're here to kick business butt, and there are plenty of other places where you can ask questions about supplies and pricing (and frankly, pricing isn't something you should be asking about on FB anyway.)

This is also a promo-free, whine-free space. No posts about "this is the cheap crap people in my area are selling," will be tolerated. We are going to lift one another UP, not bring each other DOWN.

I reserve the right to delete and ban you or your posts - my awesome group, my awesome rules. :) Let's all just be awesome and have a good time helping one another out - business is much more fun when you've got your own awesome group of supporters to help!