Bali Travel Group

Bali Travel Group (previously Bali Travel Forum) was created as a general area for members to discuss Bali and ask questions - shopping, trips, tours, restaurants, things to know, culture, and customs.

It is not a place for advertising. Blatant spam will be deleted. However, if the business is offered in response to sincerely helping another member, that's okay. Be a contributor and people will want to learn more.

Here are some guidelines:

Drivers and tour guides - there are groups for you.

Accommodation - please use Trip Advisor first.
Itineraries - ask one question at a time, per post!

Political - don't

Animal rights - we do not support dolphin captivity. This is a contentious issue, so if you like visiting them, don't add your opinion, as there are strong feelings against it. It is one issue of animal cruelty that there can be little compromise.

Culture - please ask, as members here will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Respect - if you are ticking all the other boxes, please respect right to free speech and opinion. We are all here to help each other. Balinese are very welcome, as can give a balanced and open answer to some of our somewhat at times, naive questions.

Heated debates - name calling will lead to immediate blocking. Opinions are that of an individual. Conversation is encouraged.

Essence? This is about the essence of Bali. Bali is an island facing the ravages of tourism. Please show your encouragement of Bali by supporting the people with your love and kindness.

About Admin:

Clare McAlaney is author of several books on Bali.
- Things you need to know about Bali
- Bali Soul Journals
- Bali Essence
- The Bootongs of Bali and the Kingdom of Ducktopia

There are Facebook pages for almost all of these, plus her author page in her name, and corporate page.

She owns Creatavision Publishing Australia, and has also published Looking for Borneo.

Clare has formed this group following bullying on another large, well-known group that started out with intentions of being a friendly place to ask questions. And she aims to keep this one that way. Your views are valued.

For more on Bali, join these groups:
- Bali Conscious Travel
- Aussies who love Bali

Let's show the media that we can come together and enjoy Bali, and more importantly, give back positively.