Bali friendships

NO SELFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...!!!!!!FOR SINGLES AND COUPLES WHO WANT TO MEET UP AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS. Weekly get togethers with great people and always lots of fun. Come and join us!!!! WE WELCOME EVERYONE
PLEASE leave the love quotes on your own Facebook, we are getting OVER RUN with them, and they will be deleted.


-Posts and Funny jokes allowed but not the ones making fun of or OFFENDING people for RACE, ETHNICITY, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, SEXUAL PREFERENCE, POLITICS, ETC

- DO NOT POST ADS OF ANY KIND IN THIS GROUP. USE THE FILE SECTON OR IT WILL BE DELETED. If you have been warned and continue to do so you'll be removed from the group without explanation.

- Blocking admin of this group get the bonus of IMMEDIATE KICK OUT and BAN PERMANENTLY. Better luck next time :D

- We don't know about your personal life and we don't control members personal life. We only manage the posts on the group wall!!

- Any outside RELATIONSHIPS and FRIENDSHIPS in this group have NOTHING to do with Bali Friendships Group and will be your personal choice. We will NOT be held responsible for any problems or disagreements you may have outside of group posts.

- If you have PERSONAL DISPUTE with other members, keep it OUTSIDE the group!!

- If you feel that a post is not suitable for the group, please hit the REPORT TO ADMIN Button on the upper right side of the post.

- Last but not Least
Members are not allowed to send Private Messages to other Members asking for more than Friendship. If other Members do this kind of thing and you're having any objections about this, please report to Admin Tracy Besant,Glenda Pospisil, Rhonda Bryant, Amelia Angelina or myself Agustinus Kiki by PM with proof. WE WILL DEAL WITH THIS MATTER SERIOUSLY.

- IF members have any other QUESTIONS or COMPLAINTS please directly contact ADMIN and NOT other members that might give you the wrong answer or advise.

Welcome to the Groups and Hope you'll have a good time. :)

PS: Don't forget to read the rules first :D