Baltimore DJ Zone

This group is for all Baltimore and worldwide DJ's. Veterans, professionals, semi-pros and rookies. This forum is for sharing information, music, tools, resources and experiences.

This group is also open to industry professionals and proven enthusiasts.

Requests to join the group will go through a screening process by the admins.

This forum has a purpose. Although open to opinions, disrespect and blatant attempts to cause controversy may lead to dismissal. (Leave beef on your personal pages)

We can understand that there are opinions and arguments for several topics of discussion. We also must be respectable and mature with the items that we post.

We are all on the same team, moving forward to elevate our talent, help someone along the way, hone our craft and make the masses feel good about what they are hearing.

We are united styles, genres, skills, and abilities...... we are tone setters making a difference when the needle drops......

Vince Kreative