Baltimore Crime and Homicide

Baltimore Crime and Homicide Facebook Group Rules

1. Posts should be about crime and homicide in the Baltimore area, or as crime and the legal process relates to Baltimore.

2. Vigorous debate is encouraged. Vigorous arguing is not. (Avoid using the word “you” and stick to the point). Respect everyone at all times.

3. Posts should remain legal and aboveboard. No libel and slander.

4. No race baiting, gender baiting, sexual preference baiting, religion baiting. Posts about proven or suspected judicial biases allowed.

5. No threats.

6. Missing persons posts are allowed once per missing person event. All additional information should be contained to that post.

7. Gofundme links pertaining to raising funeral expenses for homicide victims allowed, but not for any other purpose.

8. No soliciting. No selling products, no professional self-promotion, no music videos, no party promoting.

9. Funeral announcements for homicide victims allowed, but no RIP posts.

10. Admins have full discretion.