Just want to say welcome to the Facebook group for BamaCarry,Inc. You’ll find some great, freedom-minded and freedom-loving folks here. It’s important to let your friends know about our Gun Rights and the freedoms we have. It’s not all about guns, it’s about freedom. Freedom of religion, press, speech and more. We’ve slowly let our liberty/freedoms get away from us. You’ll learn a lot here and it won’t take long before you’ll know for sure what the gun laws are in Alabama. Many times I was told what the law was, but after reading for myself I found out different. Make sure you check out the “files” section to find the laws, court cases and other documents that relate to gun rights in Alabama.

We ask that you respect each other. We welcome open carriers, concealed carriers or even those that don’t carry at all. We ask that whatever your preferred manner of carry, do not ridicule another’s preferred manner of carry.

A Few rules for our civil society.

1. Unrelated subjects and far off topic posts may be removed at any time at the discretion of the group administrators.

2. Profanity, personal attacks, over the top rudeness and inflammatory language may be removed if an admin deems it necessary. Strive to be civil to one another, even if you disagree.

3. There will be no general Law Enforcement bashing. If you have a problem with an individual officer or department, you can state your grievances. If the thread digresses into an LEO bash-fest, it will be removed and the offenders dealt with. If you “hate all cops”, find another page to join. This one is not for you.

4. If your posts contain talk promoting violence, confrontation with LEO’s, or anything illegal, you will be removed from the group.

5. Inappropriate comments with regard to race, religion, political agendas or disparagement of any social group is not the purpose of this forum.

6. Threads which become flame wars may be closed or removed entirely.

7. If you have a problem with a post, thread or comment from any individual, please send an admin a PM and we will look at the situation.

8. Please, no items for sale should be posted. We allow advertising on a limited basis but it must be approved by an admin.

Those who flagrantly or persistently violate these guidelines may suffer suspension or banishment.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Any given moderator here is simply one person with one opinion which may simply differ from yours. Please respect that decision. Also, the admins here volunteer and we can't watch the group all the time. If something gets out of hand and is not handled in a timely manner, send a PM. None of us may have seen the thread in question until it is brought to our attention.

Let's continue to keep this forum at a high level. Thanks for your support.