Bama Fans

Founded: February 2011
Administrator: Noel Grey Smith

Mission Statement -
To build a place where Tide faithful can go to meet with like-minded people. To create a large gallery of photos, pictures and videos to share with others. To have a safe environment where all Crimson Tide folks can exchange opinions, express thoughts and share exciting banter. To establish a membership that includes all types of UofA athletes (past and present), coaches, cheerleaders, students, alumni and sportswriters. First and foremost, to celebrate true-hearted Alabama Crimson Tide lovers and make them feel at home. We are a family of the best, most loyal sports lovers on the planet !! ROLL TIDE

Bama Fans Goals -
3500 members by season's opening kick-off on September 3rd. 5000 members by season's end -14th National Championship !!

Second Season -
Perhaps I am feeling a little too proud of our achievements here on "Bama Fans". We did accomplish all of our first year goals for our special family. I started this group with just a handful of loyal, dedicated, and passionate friends and family. In just a few weeks, we had grown to meet our season opening goal of 3500+ members. We exceeded 5000+ on Christmas week, to meet our second goal. Lastly, we defeated LSU so soundly, that no one on the planet could deny the respect we demand. Since we have so many coaches, players, alumni, administrators, students and sportswriters here in our "Bama Fans" family; it is highly probable that "Bama Fans" played a contributing role, in achieving our 14th National Championship! It may be a bold statement, but I think we made a difference. This I believe. There is no doubt that we will achieve our 2012 goals as well. Again we will help to inspire and motivate the entire Bama nation to great heights. This is the year we prove to the world, that we are the most dominate college football program in history! The "Bama Fans" family, is the "Heart and Soul" of the Alabama Crimson Tide !! ROLL TIDE

2012 "Bama Fans" Goals:
7500 Members - Season's Opener, (Sept. 1) 10,000 Members - Season's End, (15th National Championship)

Noel Grey Smith - "Bama Fans" Founder and Administrator. Please do me a favor and go to my social network page and "Like".