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It's not about dieting. It’s a way of living with: Healthy Choices, Eating Mindfully, Living & Learning, Positive Thoughts & Fitness.

Welcome to our BariatricHELP Forum! We are glad you're here.
Our group is about helping one another. Please post questions, comments, suggestions, helpful information and support each other in our journey. Feel free to share your progress, share recipes, posts before and current pics, positive posts and encouragement.

It took a lot to get to this point in our lives so lets stay positive.
-No self bashing.
-No negativity.

Some think that just because they had wls that magically they will get to their goal instantly.....but its just a tool. It takes time, hard work and its a lifestyle change and that doesn't happen overnight.

We created this group to help one another - we need to surround ourselves around others who are also positive and loving themselves enough to make changes for the better. Be thankful and grateful, we have been given a second chance and we should not take it for granted.

Lets focus on the positive.

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