Gastric Sleeve & Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery PRE & POST OP + YouTube

This group is dedicated to all people who are taking the Journey in WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY. Join us if you are PRE & POST op in Bariatric Surgery:

*Gastric Sleeve,
*Gastric Bypass,
*Duodenal Switch
*Gastric Band

My name is Cindy Virden / Lopez & as the Founder of this group I want to say HELLO & WELCOME to you. We are a LOVING, CARING & SHARING family of like minded people who are here to ENCOURAGE you on your weight loss TRANSFORMATION.

This is a safe & PRIVATE place where you can ask questions, share experiences including products that you will be using during your transformation. In addition we ENCOURAGE you to list your YOUTUBE channel so we can SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW your journey.

We BELIEVE that your journey starts in the Mind & the Spirit! We must learn to take the thoughts & actions that put us in this place of obesity and REPLACE them with NEW thoughts & HABITS that SERVE OUR Healthy BODY, MIND & SOUL!

Something that I always say is that:

With that said it is as IMPORTANT to feed our mind the same Health that we would feed out body so we can create new habits that will allow us to LIVE the rest of our life THE BEST our our life!

GROUP RULES: NO negative comments, rude behavior, swearing, name calling or bullying is allowed in our group EVER! This will result in IMMEDIATE REMOVAL from the group. If you represent a company and you are a Bariatric patient and someone asks a question about your AREA OF EXPERTISE then YOU MAY respond to them by sharing your information. With that said I do not allow people to come into our group just to spam our members.

PLEASE NOTE: If you BLOCK myself or any of the MODERATORS you will be REMOVED from the group. There is alot of support groups out there and I ENCOURAGE you to find the one that works BEST for you.

DISCLAIMER - ALL MEMBERS MUST READ: The opinions and responses to your questions in this group, BY OUR MODERATORS & MYSELF are based solely on the fact that we are SHARING our EXPERIENCE pre and post op Bariatric Weight loss surgery. We ARE NOT Doctors, Physiologists or Nutritionist and you should ALWAYS follow the advise of your Healthcare providers in regards to ALL of your Health, Psychological, Diet, Nutrition or Medical questions and concerns. We are not responsible or liable for the comments made by members of this group and REMIND you that these are opinions based ONLY on personal experience.

MOD SQUAD (MOD- Moderator)
1. Cindy Lopez / Virden
2. Kimberly Ann Jarred-Ennes
3. Monica Fountain Berrios
4. Ann Leichleiter-Eckley
5. Marsha Wilson
5. Disappearing Withds