Bearded Dragon Newbies

A group dedicated to the enjoyment of owning a bearded dragon. I...n this group we post pictures, discuss different types of bearded dragons, share helpful tips, and hopefully generate a good group of people that we can call family! Everyday we will post a fun fact about these precious reptiles! ALL AGES WELCOME, we are strictly rated G!

This group was started by a mother - daughter duo that purchased their first beardie and wanted to spread the word of all wonderful these reptiles are. Please note this is a judge free setting, no negative energy will be tolerated. If you feel uncomfortable with a member or comment please PM one of our admins (The list of admins can be found below)

All levels of experience are welcome, newbies through advanced owners! Please feel free to invite fellow bearded dragon owners and/or soon to be owners!

Shawna Lynne
Emily Mae
Danielle Bellard
Clinton Copp
Cindy Rick
Lauren Elizabeth
Moranda Guillermo