Alexandria (Alex) Davidson was a 20 yr old BEAUTIFUL young woman that passed away on May 14, 2014 from the complications of Crohn's Disease. She spent well over 2000 days in the hospital during the last 10 years of her short life. Having her eighth bowel resection in May 2013, left her with less then five feet total of intestines. Her last diagnoses was SBS or Short Bowel Syndrome

Alex had worked at Camp Oasis, a camp that is for kids that are having to deal with the disease. She attended several years as a camper before spending time as a counselor. Her wish is to bring awareness to this horrible disease and make people understand that just because someone doesn't "look" sick, doesn't mean that they aren't sick on the inside. Through all of this Alex made sure that her hair and make up are the image of perfection. What people don't realize is that it may have taken her all day to do what some of us do in 30 minutes. Most people looked at her or a picture of her and be confused and say, "But she doesn't look sick". Now that you know a little about Alex, you can now understand where she came up with the name of her journey as being "Beautiful Beyond the Pain".

She wants us to do whatever possible to help bring enough attention to this illness so that hopefully one day no other person will ever have to journey down the path she has been on. On that note, please post and repost as often as possible any posts or updates that will maybe reach someone else that is suffering.

Alex's faith and family were her rock and what kept her going. She was the most incredible young person that many of us could learn a lot from. She is an excellent example of strength, courage and determination just by how she dealt with her situation and had more grace and dignity than most people could ever even understand. Even on her toughest days, she Gave God the Glory for the time she had. She always gave thanks for all of her blessings and their origin.

This group has been put together for everyone that suffers from any of the multitude of silent diseases and would like to share with other with positive comments, well wishes and love for others.

Beautiful Beyond the Pain, the Alexandria Davidson Foundation, LTD., was established per Alex's wishes to raise money to help send teens and children with chronic conditions to camps with other that suffer the same way.

Stay posted for updates or pictures of Alex and her family and the many members of this group.

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