Beer Tasting KC

A handful of us got together a while back and decided to give beer a real solid try. I still remember standing around the kitchen drinking delicious beers from Belgium and Germany. I remember vividly not having any clue what the hell I was talking about but we fumbled through the amazing beers and by the end we realized one deep, unshakable truth about life and living... Beer is good.

From then we refined our palate and appreciation for all the different nuances and styles. Saisons to Cuvées. Centennial hops to dandelions. We have learned that beer doesn't have to taste like cigarette water. However,the most important thing we have learned about beer is that it never tastes better than when you're having it with close friends and family. Hands down.

In that spirit we started Beer Tasting KC. This group can, and has served many purposes. We are your personal beer hound when you need someone to help you locate where that one special bottle of beer is hiding in the KC area. We are a never ending source of suggestions and opinions on every brew under the sun. We are an up to date source on local beer tappings, news, and events. Most of all, though, we are your comrades with which you share that deliciously complex beer. You don't have to be an expert to enjoy a fine beer with us. Everyone from beginner to connoisseur is welcome to share and discuss the beverage we all hold so dear.

As a group dedicated to tasting beer, we would like to offer you the best experience when you crack one open. We love to pop off the cap and enjoy a beer just like anyone else, but sometimes it's just best to really take your beer in. If you ever feel like pondering your beer in its entirety, we recommend pouring that bad boy in a glass and taking the time to go take in all the nuances of that beer. We highly recommend this process for doing so:

In honor of our achievement of reaching 1,000 members, we are working on a brand new shirt design. We will definitely keep everyone posted but I assure you, after having seen initial designs, you'll want to be sure to get one. Thanks so much to all of you beautiful people who have made our growing community one worth being part of. Cheers!

(Play nice, no names or personal insults, don't be a jerk)