Bellevue (Nashville) TN. BUY SALE AND TRADE!!

Welcome to Bellevue (Nashville) TN. BUY SALE AND TRADE!!

Please... take a minute to review a few basic group rules and guidelines. These guidelines may be updated as the group grows. Thank you!

Please use good judgement when meeting to exchange items. It’s best to meet in a busy public place you feel is safe.

If your items are cross posted please state that in original posting. Also if you do not wish to hold items make them fcfs postings.

Be courteous and considerate in your transactions.

Please delete posts once items have sold.

No spam or phishing posts.

This is not a site for the sale of animals so please if any are posted they will be removed. They have other sites for animals to be sold on.

When advertising a business please make sure it is only posted once and then you can bump it as needed. If multiples are posted they will be deleted.

If you have an issue with a buyer/seller that you’re unable to resolve, please contact an administrator for assistance.

Please Enjoy