Bernie Sanders LGBTQ Supporters

We are here to help shape and grow the LGBTQ Supporters and Friends Grassroots movement for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Policy statement:

Members of [this group] reflect and emulate Bernie Sanders’ campaign goals which include 1) winning the Democratic primary, 2) not running a negative campaign, in fact running a ‘good’ campaign, and 3) helping raise money necessary to funding Bernie’s campaign.

Admins will monitor the group to maintain said goals and to avoid distractions from those goals. Members are encouraged to discuss campaign-related issues. Whenever possible, our attention will be on Bernie. We don’t want the forum flooded with photos or depictions of any other candidate. All candidates will be treated with respect by maintaining a focus on issues.

Guidelines Admins are following:
1) Join requests: review all joins and make best decision from the person's page. (see file admin2.pdf in admin area for join requests to be wary of)
2) Posts
a) we should review posts accept or delete or nuclear option to block
b) when someone accepts a post he/she should also post the first comment on the post
3) Once a post is accepted options:
a) if hurtful or abusive behavior intervenes respond either in post or through messaging, try to instill some common sense and respect and bring them back to the subject
b) delete post
c) nuclear option drop their membership in group
4) Admins will tell people why any of these actions are being taken and always remind people if they are having a problem to please report to the admin by using the drop down on the comment area of the post

We are serious and disciplined in our pursuit of Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidency. We understand the powerful significance of ‘a political revolution’. Admins will act decisively and remove offending material as well as members who repeatedly disregard this statement.

The groups main objective is to help ensure Ohio speaks out in in mass numbers for Sanders' favor in the primary. We are ready for you revolution, Let's make it so!!!