The BEST Basingstoke Facebook Selling Page

The one and only page you will ever need for Buying and Selling in and around Basingstoke!

We dont have any silly rules in here. You post it, someone buys it, simple as that!

The only things we ask, please no Bitching, No Biting, No Scratching, No Fighting.

And please when posting an item, please try (Where possible) to add a picture, and always a Price!
Please remove sold posts or contact admin and they can do it for you.

Creators of the Group are: Rob 'Dobster' Arthur

Admins are: Rob Dobster Arthur, Anne Whatley, and Melza Arthur

We do no need anymore admin, please dont ask. Family run group only.

However please add, add, add members! Make this the main place for selling in B'Town!!!