IITians Largest hangout* See how IITians are changing the world. Join now and invite all iitians you know and discuss/act .. how we can save India/World .. See how technology can take human species to next phase and make them true humans. We need all the help to finish corruption from root using technology and 2 preserve JEE & saving IIT quality and ensuring that corrupt politician dont make another attempt to corrupt it.
Like - http://iitians.org/

Finally there is full proof way to finishing corruption completely from its roots and IITians have to play that crucial role of explaining that to common folks about how technology can improve everyone life & save the world.

* Add your iitians friends to group to make us stronger..
* Share the page/grp in walls, grps, internet..
* Write articles/blogs, make video album (get awarded)
* Cordinate Token event like Black Friday (Black Dress, etc)
* Write to Media, Diro, Gov, Alumni, Profs about ur protest.
* Organize protest march, boycott. Inform evry1
* Launch Ansan, Siganture campaign
* Best Video Album contest - Get rewarded in next year annual event - prize of 1lakh to most viewed video in youtube (min 1 lakh view to enter)
* You can suggest a new thing, what people like you can do in other IITS/Halls/Depts. Dozens other actions plan, one can do as little or as much one want to do, do post your videos, photos in the group or mail to [email protected]

Ensure that IITs & Other Engg Colleges is not put in serious risk again ...Lets finish Corruption from root once and for ever.

Additionally - share, collaborate, discuss, argue.. have fun. We aim to organize regular meets, cultural events and sporting activities. The group aim to ensure that everyone from IIT get a job and if possible get an internship when required. Please post in the group any such request, so that we can try to help you, with best possible way. It also collaborate so that IITains social services initiatives can get volunteers. This is unofficial IITians group and aim to stay away from politics, management and provide a free and democratic association, led by volunteers.

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