Bicol IT

Bicol Information Technology Organization is a community of IT Professionals, Students, Educators, and enthusiasts who are from and are in the Bicol Region, Philippines. Our primary objective is to share our expertise, conduct regular meetups in Legazpi City, Metro Manila and hopefully soon in Naga City and the rest of the region.

We conduct regular technology talks for free for students and professionals to augment the training needs and expose others to the latest trends in information technology.

This group aims:

- Empower IT Bicolanos by giving free tech talks/conferences
- Promote start-up culture/hackathons/mentorship/volunteerism/camaraderie
- Collaboration of different IT schools and members in the whole region
- Showcase the Apps/IT projects created by Bicolanos
- Make Bicol Region as venue of International/National Tech Events and as Silicon Valley of South Luzon

Domain: (website under construction)
IRC: #BicolIT (dalnet server)

Hashtags: #BicolIT #BicolITtechtalk

Here are certain rules to keep the group a safe and friendly environment. Please be reminded by the guidelines below when posting.

1. BE POLITE. Everyone likes to be treated with respect, so inappropriate language, harsh criticism, or disrespect of others’ opinions are not allowed. Avoid using “Master”, “Boss”. You can use “po” to signify politeness.

2. STAY ON TOPIC. Please keep the topics related to Information Technology. Comments that undermine the purpose of this group and the topic of the thread will be deleted and will be grounds for banning from the group.

3. COMMUNICATE CLEARLY AND PROPERLY. Avoid txtspeak or similar shortened lingo.

4. POST A JOB ONCE. You may post job opportunities but you can only post it ONCE. Kindly add the tag #BicolITJobs so people can find job postings easily.

5. DON'T BEG FOR LIKES/VOTES. Posts asking for likes and votes will automatically be deleted.

6. DON’T SPAM. You can post your idea or product here but please contribute more than you solicit.

7. GOOGLE IT. If you have to ask for particular information, make sure you have exhausted, and the likes.

8. HOMEWORK QUESTIONS. Questions asking answers to homework/assignments will not be tolerated.

9. ILLEGAL OR HARMFUL CONTENT. Don't post anything that encourages how to do things that are violent, illegal, or harmful to themselves and/or to others.

BE COOL! Or else... Admins have the right to discipline or ban any member for violating the rules/guidelines.