United Bikers For Unjust Causes & Tragedies

Our mission, United Bikers for Unjust Causes and Tragedies, is an organization that has received the "Articles of Incorporation of a Non-Profit Corporation certificate", which is the documentation, that make you officially a non-profit organization. We are also seeking federally registered 501 (c) 3, which is the tax-exempt status; however this process is long and tough. However, we are actively working on that. We started this organization to make a positive difference, as much as our resources allow, whether we are being proactive or protective, for any worthwhile cause. We are especially drawn to causes where people are being exploited, such as child abuse, kidnapping, human trafficking, veterans rights, the treatment of the elderly and their right to collect their Social Security that they worked for, etc. We also plan to do a lot of protesting, both positive to bring to light other worthwhile non-profit organizations; and protective causes to ensure the safety of the public, and specific victims from their opposition, such as Westboro, and any other hate group, cult, or abuser. However, we are a peaceful, non-violent group, but we do reserve the right defend ourselves at any time, and only as a last resort. We do not condone violence in anyway.